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Gun Control


Since 1791, the Second Amendment of the Constitution's Bill of Rights has guaranteed the rights for all Americans to own and bear arms as it declares, 

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." I support these rights guaranteed to all Americans and the existing legislation regarding background checks. In the period 1994-2014, violent crime and murder in our country dropped to an all-time low while Americans purchased an additional one hundred and sixty million firearms. Guns are not the issue but rather the improper use of weapons such as their violent use by mentally unstable individuals, most of whom acquired the weapons illegally. Weapons such as semi-automatic rifles are now derogatorily referred to by gun opponents as "assault" weapons, a description which has been broadly expanded to encompass an ever-growing list of personal firearms. It is important to note that studies by the FBI reveal that rifles of all varieties are used in only 1%-2% of murders. As Americans, we must not and cannot hand in our freedom and right to bear arms. 



Since 1973, more than 60 million precious lives have been tragically lost in our country as a result of the aborting of unborn babies. An unborn child is fully human with unique personhood created in the image of God. In 1974, the former medical director of the largest abortion clinic in America shocking wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine, "There is no doubt in my mind that human life exists within the womb from the very onset of pregnancy." 


As a Republican, I am staunchly pro-life and will work to eliminate abortion from our culture. Additionally, I do not support the use of tax dollars for the performing of abortion, whether by Planned Parenthood which currently receives $569 million tax dollars each year as they perform in excess of 320,000 annual abortions or for other groups with similar purposes. My pro-life position also supports improving efforts by local, state, and federal agencies to undergird foster care and adoption, and providing meaningful support of mothers with newborn children who need assistance. 



My philosophy is, “seek to understand and to be understood.” However, I will not violate my fiduciary duty to the people I serve nor endorse and support legislation that I believe will be detrimental to the people of my district. 



Can’t do

To put it simply, we cannot have open borders and an ever-increasing welfare state which will eventually break the financial backs of our people and our government, and feed a disrespect for the laws by which we all should live.


Should do

I want to allow and support immigrating families and individuals who wish to do so legally, who want to contribute to America and have the opportunity to help our economy sustain its record growth, and who desire to both experience and support what we all know as the American Dream.




Can’t do

Texas spends $10,456 per student in our great state, but that ranks Texas nationally at only number 36 in spending per student.


Should do 

At the K-12 level, I intend to support our teachers and school administrators so that they have greater freedom and discretion over how the learning process for our kids takes place. We need to direct these desperately needed funds, at whatever level is needed, to our schools as soon as possible.




Can’t Do

It's critical to understand that Texas receives far less money in federal grants and other forms of support from the Federal Government because Texas knows how to run a fiscally responsible government.


Should do

The economy has achieved record growth since the Great Recession of 2008; I want to continue to promote this growth. A strong economy improves the quality of life for citizens and gives future generations more opportunities to succeed.


I am proud to say that Texas understands the motto, Act Your Wage!  




Can’t do 

The American people are in a crisis right now with our debt. Our debt has accumulated and is now estimated to be near $80,000 per American citizen and is still climbing;


Should do

We must reduce the debt by continuing to support economic policies that have strengthened our economy, increase our workforce, reduce an ever-increasing entitlement state, and pursue the type of freedom that debt reduction and elimination will bring.


Student Debt 


Can’t do 

Forty-five million students or recent graduates carry an average of $30,000 in school debt and a monthly payment of $393. The university education systems have been spending money at historic levels which further burdens the students entering the workforce as they suffer from this ever-increasing debt.


Should do

The best method to allow for these debts to be paid off is by offering students a federal tax deduction of $1.50 for every dollar that students spend in repaying their educational loans. I predict that this plan will greatly motivate students to quickly repay their student loans, reduce the rate of forfeiture on those loans, and make room for more money to be injected into the economy.